These include general questions associated with the operations of KT under different headings.
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Walks and Tours

We offer a variety of city experiences (though not all may be available at the present due to the coronavirus pandemic) - walking tours, city tours by car or bus, open jeep tours, outbound tours to Elephanta island, and sailing tours. We also conduct public walks and tours on the weekend for residents of Mumbai.
We offer both - group tours with fixed departures, and private tours at times of your convenience. Group tours can be booked directly on the website. Private tours can be requested through the website, and will be confirmed depending on the availability of a host to take you around.
Our walking tours are 2.5 hours long and cover specific historical neighbourhoods. Our car and bus tours cover multiple historical neighbourhoods and are 4 hours long. Car and bus tours will entail some walking too in different neighbourhoods.
We have introduced virtual tours of Mumbai for armchair travel, and they too can be requested through the website. Our virtual walks of Mumbai neighbourhoods are conducted over Zoom by our Ambassadors, using maps, images and videos. We continue to add to our virtual offerings.
We can accommodate any number - from a single guest to over a hundred and more - on our private walking tours and city tours. Large groups are broken into smaller, more manageable groups, each under a different host. Jeep tours can accommodate five guests. For sailing tours, the number depends on the capacity of the boat. Fixed departure tours have a restriction on the number of guests that varies from tour to tour.
The tour cost includes the services of a knowledgeable tour host, transportation (wherever specified) and local taxes (unless specifically excluded). Some tours may include a tasting of local cuisine as part of the experience. Otherwise, food and beverages, shopping, and other incidental expenses are excluded in the cost.
Certainly. We would be happy to customise a tour for you based on your requests.


We are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our guests during the pandemic. We have discontinued tours in crowded areas for the time being, and have also restricted group sizes per host. We have made face masks mandatory, and follow social distancing norms. We use a mini PA system for larger groups, so that social distancing does not compromise the experience. We only use sanitized vehicles for car, bus and jeep tours.
Mumbai is considered to be one of the safest cities in India. However tourists might attract unwarranted attention from touts, beggars, and general public, and it is better to be accompanied by a KHAKI host while you are exploring the city to avoid getting into tourist traps.
We choose the stops on our food walks with care. Restaurants on the walks have to maintain hygiene standards as laid down by the Government. Street food outlets do not fall under Government guidelines, but on our street food walks, we only visit tried and tested outlets.
Yes. We curate experiences only in safe areas with well-trained hosts.


Group tours can be booked directly on the website. Private tours can be requested on the website, and payments can be made after confirmation of the request. You can also book or request a tour by calling us on +91 8828100111 or emailing us on hi@khakitours.com.
You can pay online through our payment gateway. We also accept bank transfers and cash if required.
We prefer payment online or bank transfer, but we also accept cash.
For our car, bus and jeep tours, hotel pick-up and drop is complimentary within a certain radius. For other experiences, transportation can be arranged at an additional cost.
We will try and fit in a request for a change of time, if it is communicated 72 hours in advance, depending on the availability of a host. It may not be possible to entertain such requests at a later time.
For a fixed departure tour or a public walk, bookings can be made even at the last minute as long as tickets are available. For private tours, a day’s notice is sufficient. While we try and fulfill on-the-spot requests, it may not always be possible.
Yes, you can book a tour for someone else as well.


To cancel a tour, please call us on +91 882810011 or email hi@khakitours.com, at least 72 hours before the tour. Cancellation charges will be applicable.
The balance amount will be refunded to the same account you paid from, within 15 working days.