#TheHeritageLife: Ganesh Chaturthi

"Ganpati is an event when the whole family comes together. It is awaited eagerly by everyone. The festival has been celebrated for over a century now in a very traditional manner. A unique aspect about the festival at our place is that the size and design of our Ganesh Murti has never been changed since the beginning. Although the murti maker due to certain unavoidable circumstances had to been changed, we insisted that the size and design remain the same. A traditional Gaud Saraswat Brahmin feast is cooked for Ganpati and the speciality is the unique Modak which is fried unlike the traditional steamed one. Also a special set of varied vegetable fritters are offered to the deity. These practices have been carried out from generation to generation and it is heartening to see that the next generation is also enthusiastic of carrying this forward."
- Mumbaikar Mangesh Patkar on how he and his family maintain Ganesh Chaturthi traditions