#SecretMumbai: The Office Buildings Of The Tatas

It may seem today like the Tatas have been based I out of Bombay House forever, but it's actually been only 95 years. Bombay House was built only in 1924 while the Tata group was formed way back in 1868. And, just like Bombay House, the group's earlier office buildings still stand to this day. From 1904 to 1924, the Tata's headquarters was at Navsari Buildings and Chambers on D.N. Road (now called KK Chambers), and, before that, since the early 1870s, at Victoria Buildings on Parsi Bazar Street (now S.A. Brelvi Marg), just a stone's throw away from Bombay House. The building today houses other offices and a few residences.


Did you know? Mumbai's Taj Mahal Hotel, Bengaluru's Indian Institute of Science and Nagpur's Empress Mills were all conceptualized and planned at Victoria Buildings.


Published in The Mint on 25th July, 2019.