Heritage Life: Guru Nanak Jayanti

"Guru Nanak Jayanti is the most revered festival for Sikhs. We celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti by visiting the Gurudwara and lighting candles both at home and at the gurudwara - it is a holy day and lots of prayers are recited.

Special kirtan programmes are held in the gurdwaras and large congregations take place in all historical and local gurdwaras and I look forward to the Langar and meeting friends and relatives all dressed up and wishing each other Guru Nanak Jayanti greetings. We eat Karah Prasad as Prasad from the gurudwara as well as various sweets.

In fact for my home, it mirrors the Diwali celebrations and for most people the Diwali lighting continues right up to this Guru Nanak Jayanti - it was surprising to see that Karthikai deepam, celebrated in the south also often falls on the same day and is celebrated with lights in a similar fashion."

- Team KHAKI member Sukhie Vohra @sukhiev on how she maintains Guru Nanak Jayanti traditions