#TheHeritageLife: Tulsi Vivah

"We as a family have always been celebrating Tulsi Vivah. Being a Sindhi, we observe Badi Ekadashi as it is said that Lord Vishnu awakens from his four month sleep. It is believed that doors of  Vaikunth - the abode of the Lord - are thrown open to all on that day. Some groups even do bhajans at crematoriums in the evening.

While some fast, many relish the Satvik food consisting of Dodoh (Rajgiri Flat Bread) along with curry made of potato and lotus stem without spices. We also make fritters made of sabudana, rajgiri, sama rice and potatoes and end our day with sweet potatoes. 

In the evening 365 wicks are made and collectively lit. We circumambulate the Tulsi plant, decked up like a bride,108 times. 

This festival has several childhood memories attached to it. And to top it all we relish the Satvik food prepared on this day."

- KHAKI fan Rita Punjabi Iyer on how her family maintains Tulsi Vivah traditions