A city’s heritage resides in its stories, not in its monuments. When those stories are forgotten, even standing monuments become as good as invisible and heritage is lost. We, at Khaki Tours, are on a quest to rediscover and popularise Mumbai’s heritage by unearthing and narrating its lost stories on our heritage tours – on foot or from the comforts of an open jeep!


One of the best ways to get to know the city and its heritage is by exploring its streets on foot. Our walks are immersive experiences which recreate the magic of bygone eras of Mumbai.

20th Jul #BlackHorse (Short Walk)

20th Jul #GrislyGirgaon (Ghost Walk)

21st Jul #DeePeeCee (Long Walk)

21st Jul #ChuimChronicles (Short Walk)

27th Jul #DhobiTales (Short Walk)

28th Jul #BangangaParikrama (Long Walk)

28th Jul #ParsiBazar (Brand New Short Walk)

3rd Aug #KennedySeaFace (Long Walk)

4th Aug #AzadHind (Short Walk)

You can select a range of 2.5 Hour walks as per your convenient date and time.
  • #Castle2Gateway
  • #SacredBanganga
  • #FishingVillage
  • #BazarWalk
  • #DiscoverDharavi

Hosting Charges

No of Guests INR
Up to 2 5500
3-5 7000
6-10 9500
11-15 11000




What better way to explore Mumbai than with the wind in your hair, and wonder in your eyes. Do join us as we head into this first-of-its-kind-journey in an open jeep! You can select a range of rides as per your convenience

2.5 Hour Rides 4 Hour Rides

*Coming Soon

Jeep Hosting Charges: From INR 2200 per person

The Jeep can accommodate maximum 5 guests


Jeep Hosting Charges: From INR 2600 per person

The Jeep can accommodate maximum 5 guests



The Republic of Turkey is like baklava, its most famous dessert… layer upon layer of history filled with civilizations and empires, held together by its people, giving the country a flavour as unique as the dessert. Diverse influences mark not just its historic sites but also its landscape, vegetation, food and people. Stroll around with us through the country to marvel at its Greek, Roman and Ottoman heritage, and modern architectural splendour. We start in the highlands of the Anatolian plateau and then wind down to the Mediterranean coast, before we end our tour in Istanbul, the magical city that straddles two continents. In between, get spellbound by its natural wonders – the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia and the travertine pools of Pamukkale.

Guided Tour of Turkey from 5th to 16th Oct 2019. starting at ₹ 1.5 Lakhs onwards*.

 To know more or to book, click here. or call on +91-88281001111

Announcing our first Indian outbound experience – #LimitlessLadakh

Thanks to the movie ‘3 Idiots’, Ladakh is today on the travel list of every Indian. A cold desert, it is also India’s largest and the least populated district. Literally the ‘Land of the High Passes’, people have been living continuously in Ladakh for more than a thousand years. #DoYouKnow? Ladakh was closed for civilians even much after Indian Independence. In fact, when this vast mountainous expanse was opened for tourists in 1974, only 27 Indians visited that year! The numbers today have exploded, and centuries-old traditions are changing rapidly for the very first time now. Join us on our first ever outbound experience within India, curated by Ashwin Tahiliani, an architect who’s worked in Ladakh for three years. And get ready to celebrate our 73rd Independence Day at the top – Khardung La!

Guided Tour of Ladakh from 10th to 19th Aug 2019. Starting at ₹ 39,999/- onwards*.

To know more or to book, click here.   or call us on +91-8828100111


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Coming Soon… a magazine on tangible and intangible heritage of Mumbai and beyond!