A city’s heritage resides in its stories, not in its monuments. When those stories are forgotten, even standing monuments become as good as invisible and heritage is lost. We, at Khaki Tours, are on a quest to rediscover and popularise Mumbai’s heritage by unearthing and narrating its lost stories on our heritage tours – on foot or from the comforts of an open jeep!


One of the best ways to get to know the city and its heritage is by exploring its streets on foot. Our walks are immersive experiences which recreate the magic of bygone eras of Mumbai.

6th June Online Talk 14: #MintCondition – Money and Mumbai by Dr. Shailendra Bhandare

7th June Online Talk 13: #TurningTheTide – The Incredible Battle of Pratapgad by Chandrashekhar Nene Rescheduled

10th June Online Talk 15: #RainingGold – The Bombay Dock Explosion of 1944 by Cdr. Mohan Narayan (Retd.)

13th June Online Talk 16: #NaorojisNagar – Mumbai’s Political Awakening by Dr. Dinyar Patel

17th June Online Talk 17: #MumbaiMuharram – The Cosmopolitan origins of a religious rituals by Dr. Reza Masoudi Nejad


Team Khaki regrets to announce the suspension of all private and public walks and events till further notice, as a preventive measure to stop the coronavirus pandemic from spreading . We will be back when it will be possible to hold walks and events without risk to our guests and hosts. Thank you for your co-operation. Please stay safe.

You can select a range of 2.5 Hour walks as per your convenient date and time.
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No of Guests INR
Up to 2 5500
3-5 7000
6-10 9500
11-15 11000




What better way to explore Mumbai than with the wind in your hair, and wonder in your eyes. Do join us as we head into this first-of-its-kind-journey in an open jeep! You can select a range of rides as per your convenience

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Jeep Hosting Charges: From INR 2200 per person

The Jeep can accommodate maximum 5 guests


Jeep Hosting Charges: From INR 2600 per person

The Jeep can accommodate maximum 5 guests


Online Talk 1: #BajiRao300 by Dr. Uday Kulkarni

In the mid seventeenth century, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj founded the Maratha Swarajya, the Maratha kingdom, against the combined might of the Mughals, the Adilshahi, the Portuguese and the Siddi of Janjira. The long struggle for freedom didn’t end with Shivaji Maharaj’s coronation but went on till Aurangzeb’s death in 1707. Soon after, a kingdom under Chhatrapati Shahu took root at Satara, steered by his Peshwa (prime minister) Balaji Vishwanath.

On 17 April 1720, on the death of Balaji Vishwanath, his son Baji rao, not yet twenty years of age, was appointed the Peshwa by Chhatrapati Shahu. In the next twenty years and eleven days, Baji rao converted the small Maratha kingdom into an empire – from the Chambal and the Yamuna to the Tungabhadra. It was the last indigenous empire of India before the British Raj took over in the early nineteenth century.

#BajiRao300, our online talk with Dr Uday S Kulkarni, author of the critically acclaimed book ‘The Era of Baji rao’ tells the story of Baji rao, the Peshwa who never lost a battle, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of his ascendance to the title of Peshwa.

About the speaker:
Dr Uday S. Kulkarni, a surgeon by training and a historian by passion, is the author of ‘The Era of Baji rao: An account of the empire of the Deccan’. He joined the Indian Navy in 1979 and served in the defence forces for sixteen years, taking voluntary retirement in 1995 in the rank of Surgeon Commander. He began practicing as a surgeon in Pune and while continuing his surgical practice, he returned to his love of history in 2010 to write ‘The Solstice at Panipat’, an account of the third battle of Panipat. He has also written ‘James Wales: Artist and Antiquarian in the time of Sawai Madhavrao Peshwa’ and translated and edited ‘Bakhar of Panipat’ with Ninad Bedekar.

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