A city’s heritage resides in its stories, not in its monuments. When those stories are forgotten, even standing monuments become as good as invisible and heritage is lost. We, at Khaki Tours, are on a quest to rediscover and popularise Mumbai’s heritage by unearthing and narrating its lost stories on our heritage tours – on foot or from the comforts of an open jeep!


One of the best ways to get to know the city and its heritage is by exploring its streets on foot. Our walks are immersive experiences which recreate the magic of bygone eras of Mumbai.

13th Dec #GrislyGirgaon (Short Walk)

14th Dec #FountainFrolic (Short Walk)

15th Dec #BhuleshwarBhulbhulaiya (Long Walk)

21st Dec #BlackHorse (Short Walk)

22nd Dec #ProcterAndAmble (Short Walk)

22nd Dec #BitByNesbit (Brand New Walk)

25th Dec #ChuimChronicles (Short Walk)

28th Dec #ArtDekho (Short Walk)

29th Dec #WonderWomen (Brand New Walk)

You can select a range of 2.5 Hour walks as per your convenient date and time.
  • #Castle2Gateway
  • #SacredBanganga
  • #FishingVillage
  • #BazarWalk
  • #DiscoverDharavi

Hosting Charges

No of Guests INR
Up to 2 5500
3-5 7000
6-10 9500
11-15 11000




What better way to explore Mumbai than with the wind in your hair, and wonder in your eyes. Do join us as we head into this first-of-its-kind-journey in an open jeep! You can select a range of rides as per your convenience

2.5 Hour Rides 4 Hour Rides

*Coming Soon

Jeep Hosting Charges: From INR 2200 per person

The Jeep can accommodate maximum 5 guests


Jeep Hosting Charges: From INR 2600 per person

The Jeep can accommodate maximum 5 guests


Pearl of the Orient!

If the Indian coastline is a necklace, then Sri Lanka is the pearl drop hanging from it. A land ofgreat natural beauty with pristine beaches, thick jungles and lush-green hills, Sri Lanka is alsoculturally very vibrant and diverse. The local Sinhala culture has Dutch, Portuguese, British,Indian, Arabic and Malay influences, and Sri Lanka remains the last stronghold of Buddhism inthe Indian subcontinent. Come and succumb to the charms of Ravana’s mythical kingdom withus on #LureOfLanka.

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Coming Soon… a magazine on tangible and intangible heritage of Mumbai and beyond!