The heart of Mumbai’s Mill Land – Girangaon that has many secrets!

STARTING FROM Gundecha Gardens Gate in Gas Co. Lane

Highlights of the walk:

  • Temple of the Buffalo God

  • Maharashtrian ‘Moulin Rouge’

  • Find out who is “Boyce” in Godrej & Boyce!

  • A Muslim Shrine with Hindu Mujawars (Caretakers)

  • How was Mumbai illuminated?

  • A Parsi Baug that has an exclusive Widow’s Chawl

  • Oldest Dargah in Mumbai

  • Story of the ‘Indian Titanic’

  • A 2-acre Vegetable Farm trapped in the city!

  • Masala Market & Chiwda Galli

  • An Agiary hidden behind a Sassanid Tower

  • Dresswallas & Churiwallas

  • And of course… our favourite Lalbaugcha Raja!


Hosting Charges

No of Guests  INR
1-5 4999
6-10 5999
11-15 6999
16-20 7999


For more information call us on +91-8828100111

Lalbaug Stroll