Be dazzled by the northern part of the Fort Precinct that was once the enclave of wealthy Indian ‘Merchant Princes’!


STARTING FROM Town Hall/ Asiatic Society
DURATION 2.5 Hours

Highlights of the walk:

  • Statue of ‘Urbs Prima in Indis’

  • Memorial to a St Bernard dog

  • “Munity Memorial”

  • Peacocks and Peahens

  • Parsi Clock Tower

  • Freemason’s Adda

  • Venue of the first test match between India & England

  • Heritage Mile – Gothic by design

  • Bijapur Lotuses

  • Kipling’s House

  • And of course… the oldest fire temple in the city


Hosting Charges

No of Guests  INR
1-5 4999
6-10 5999
11-15 6999
16-20 7999


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