The iconic Mumbai beach to nibble on spicy tidbits of history!

STARTING POINT Café Ideal, Opp. Chowpatty Beach
DURATION 2.5 Hours

Highlights of the walk:

  • Spot where Kasab was caught during 26/11 attacks

  • Irani restaurant with old fashioned Coke posters

  • First public escalator in India

  • A studio that has made over 1000 statues of Dr. Ambedkar

  • Site of the first mass funeral procession in Mumbai

  • Story of the first yoga college in the world

  • Erstwhile “Hindus Only” Swimming pool

  • First concrete road in India

  • An Indian’s “flight”… a decade before Wright Brothers

  • Probably the only Footpath in the world with a name!

  • Garden in which men are not allowed

  • Lord Harris’ gifts to India

  • And of course the legendary Chowpatty Chaat!


Hosting Charges

No of Guests  INR
1-5 4999
6-10 5999
11-15 6999
16-20 7999


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Chowpaty Chaat