Discover the nucleus around which ‘Urbs Prima in Indis evolved!

STARTING POINT Starbucks, Horniman Circle
DURATION 1.5 Hours

Highlights of the walk:

  • Office of Oldest Surviving Newspaper in India

  • Inspiration for one of Dan Brown’s novels

  • Dr. D’Orta’sMansion

  • Secret of the ‘Shale’ building

  • The fulcrum of Opium Trade

  • Queen’s declaration of 1858

  • Datum that shows the mean sea level

  • City’s First Planned Business District

  • Grumpy Keystones

  • The Royal chairs

  • Memorial of a “White Mughal”

  • Birthplace of Asia’s oldest stock exchange

  • Original office of BB&CI

  • Church of ‘Churchgate’

  • Parsi Fountain in a Christian institution

  • And Monument of the ‘White God’!

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