The most crowded places on earth that has over 100 temples of different sizes and denominations!

STARTING POINT Godi Parshvanath Jain Temple, Pydhonie
DURATION 2.5 Hours

Highlights of the walk:

  • Palace of the Divine Baby Prince

  • Only Sun Temple in Mumbai

  • Site of Old RC Cathedral

  • The Great Divide of Mumbai

  • Gallis Galore – Phool/ Chandi/ Papad/ Khau

  • Mystery of the Holy Cow

  • Hanuman Idol with 5 faces

  • The “Original” Dresswalla

  • A shop straight out of Gulliver’s Travels

  • Shrine of the Sea-Goddess

  • And of course… the Bhuleshwar temple!

Please wear easy to remove footwear and avoid shorts & sleeveless dresses as we will enter a lot of temples during the walk!


Hosting Charges

No of Guests  INR
1-5 4999
6-10 5999
11-15 6999
15-20 7999


For more information call us on +91-8828100111

Bhuleshwar Bhulbhaliya