Khaki Tours is an association of heritage enthusiasts who conduct walks, jeep rides, cruises, day trips, children’s workshops, photo walks and food walks to make heritage fun for Mumbai’s residents, as well as for visitors. We call our mission ‘Heritage Evangelism’, and have contributed towards the restoration of minor landmarks in the city.

During your stay here, allow us to transport you from the modern city of Mumbai to the original seven islands of Bombay by introducing you to the past in our present. Our hosts will help you witness Mumbai’s heritage like never before and leave you wanting for more. Hear stories about the evolution of this megapolis and the people who helped shape the ‘Urbs Prima in Indis’, or the first city of India. Witness the potpourri of cultures that are visible on the streets and in the lanes of this city, on foot or in the comfort of an open jeep!


What better way to explore Mumbai than with the wind in your hair and wonder in your eyes? This unique safari allows you to observe heritage at close quarters without tiring yourself with long walks. Unlike closed vehicles, we offer you an experience that offers you the comfort of our custom-built open jeep that allows you to take up close photographs, and immerse yourself in the flavours of the city.

  • #ImperialFort: Explore ‘Fort’, the nucleus around which the 22-million strong metropolis of Mumbai has evolved. Learn the stories of the incidents,landmarks and people that shaped the town over the centuries. This ride is a must to understand the original “White Town of Bombay”.
    (Recommended Timing: 8-10 am/ 4:30-6:30 pm)
  • #BycullaBylanes: Beyond the ‘White’ and ‘Native’ towns developed the first suburb of the city where the rich and the famous built their pleasure palaces away from the crowded city centre. The area soon blossomed into a high society enclave with grand tree lined avenues and gardens. Join us for a ride to explore an area that even the locals don’t know much about!
    (Recommended Timing: 7am-10am)
  • #YeOldeMumbai: In this extensive ride, we visit the sacred enclaves of Banganga and Bhuleshwar in addition to the Fort. We also discover the hidden Portuguese village of Khotachiwadi and the fabled bazaars where tourists rarely reach!
    (Recommended Timing: 7-11 am)

City Walks

They say the best way to understand a city is to walk its streets. Our hosts will lead you through the smallest of lanes, where cars will never reach. All our walks are for 2-2.5 hours, covering a distance of 2-2.5 km. The walks listed below are indicative only; we can mix and match to create a customised itinerary for you, according to your interests. We have a series of walks in the heritage precinct of Fort that is close to your hotel.

  • #Castle2Gateway: We start at the ‘Castle’, the first headquarters of the British administration and end at the Gateway of India, from where the last British soldiers left the country. Along the way, we will see Mumbai’s oldest cathedral, the iconic Flora Fountain, the Stock Exchange, the Art District, the University, the Docks, and much more.
    (Recommended Timings: 8-10.30am/ 4.30-7pm)
  • #SacredBanganga: A walk around Mumbai’s most sacred place – Banganga Tank, that is ringed by temples, monasteries, graveyards, pilgrims’ inns and much more. This Mini-Benaras will introduce you to the large pantheon of Hindu Gods and the stories that revolve around them.
    (Recommended Timing: 8-10.30am/ 4.30-7pm)
  • #BazaarWalk: Plunge headlong into one of the largest cluster bazaars in Mumbai,as we take you through multiple continuous stretches of bazaars selling diverse goods. On our walk, we will hear stories about the narrow streets while we see merchants conduct their daily business. This walk includes markets like the Crawford Market, Lohar Chawl (Enclave of Blacksmiths), Chandi Gully (Silver Lane), Zaveri Bazar (Gold Market), Phool Galli (Flower Market) and the Bhuleshwar market, an area dominated by temples!
    (Recommended Timing: 4.30-7pm)
  • #FishingVillage: On this tour, you will rendezvous with the original inhabitants of the city – the Kolis (Fisherfolks). Their village is a world in itself, with fabulous views of the sea and a British era fort in the middle of the settlement! You will get to witness temples and chapels that have stood the test of both time and tide. You will get to soak in a spectacular view of the sea-link and the fishing jetty.
    (Recommended Timing: 8-10.30am / 4:30-7pm)
  • #DiscoverDharavi: A short walk in one of the largest slums of the world, #DiscoverDharavi will take you around the commercial and residential hub of this enigmatic enclave of Mumbai that has enamored travelers across the globe.. This tour focuses on breaking the stereotypes people have about the slums, and to create a sense of dignity for the ecosystem of a slum and the millions of people who live here.
    (Recommended Timing: 10am-12noon/ 4-6pm)

City Tours

Have just a day but want to explore all of Mumbai? Join us on our day tours as we take you through centuries of evolutionary stories in a day.

  • #EssentialMumbai: As the name suggests, this tour is a must if you have just one day and want to experience all that the city has to offer. We start off with a short walk in the ‘Fort’ area of Mumbai, the nucleus around which this metropolis came to life. We then take a ride around this area to cover World heritage precincts like Gateway of India, Victoria Terminus, Kala Ghoda and University of Mumbai. Following which we drive down on India’s most famous promenade, and go on to explore the Banganga tank the oldest continuously inhabited enclave of the city! To catch a stunning view of Mumbai, we ride up to the Hanging Gardens from where we descend down to the legendary abode of Mahatma Gandhi – Mani Bhavan. As our last stop before dropping you off at your hotel, we can either visit the hidden Portuguese enclave of Khotachiwadi or stop to see the world’s largest open-air public laundry, the Dhobi Ghat!
    (Recommended Timing: 9am-1pm)
  • #MumbaiByNight: Although you may not have found the time to see Mumbai during the day, the night offers you a completely different experience of the ‘city that never sleeps’, as it takes on vibrant hues after business hours. Witness the Fort precinct of the city lit up in its splendour, experience the Queen’s Necklace as your drive down the Back Bay admiring the Art Deco architecture, a stop at the bustling Chowpatty beach and it’s food stalls followed by a ride up to Banganga tank, the sacred enclave of the city lit up in lamps. We also include an optional visit to the infamous red light district of Mumbai that comes alive only at night. (Recommended Timing: 7-11 pm)
  • #WakeUpMumbai: At the stroke of dawn, when the last of the night-owls fall asleep, the early birds of the city awaken, as they set the gears rolling to ensure that the rest of the city can function throughout the day. Witness the metropolis come to life from the bustling markets of the fisherfolk, the meticulous planning of the newspaper vendors, today’s children playing one of India’s ancient sports, milkmen, fruit-sellers, vegetable vendors, flower markets and many more, as they begin their day in the maximum city of Mumbai.
    (Recommended Timing: 5-9 am)
  • #BollywoodBlast: If you love action, drama, special effects and celebrities of the Bollywood film industry, this tour is the perfect way to get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse of Bollywood film-making. As you, witness shots being filmed on the sets while being given exciting insights into the mechanics of the largest film industry in the world. And if you’re lucky, you may even get the chance to peek inside a film star’s makeup room, and pose for souvenir snapshots with some Bollywood stars of today. The charges are inclusive of entry to the studio.
    (Recommended Timing: 9am-3pm)

Outbound Tours

While our love for this city reaches no bounds, Khaki Tours offers you ‘outbound’ experiences that go beyond the maximum city into the many historical enclaves of this region.

  • #Escape2Elephanta: Take a ferry ride from the Gateway of India to see a fifth century shrine of Lord Shiva, a Hindu God, that has been carved out of a hill. The Elephanta caves have been declared as a UNESCO World heritage site. These rock-cut cave temples have a collection of halls, shrines, cells and courtyards. The best part of this tour is the sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in a hall with exquisite symmetry. This excursion is the perfect way to spend half a day, not too far away from the city. (Recommended Timing: 9am-2pm)


Food Walks

As varied as the city itself, Mumbai’s food culture satiates your taste buds in many different ways. Join us for our journeys across cuisines, something we prefer to call ‘Food for Thought’!

  • #ChowpattyChat: What better way to experience the city’s vibrant culinary extravagance than eating along the iconic Chowpatty beach. Join us as we discover flavours you might never have tasted before. From the ‘water bomb’ called Paani Puri to the famous ‘Pav Bhaji’ that is overloaded with butter, #ChowpattyChat is an ideal vegetarian food tour of Mumbai and an excellent way to immerse oneself into Mumbai’s culture.
    (Recommended Timing: 6-8pm)
  • #MohallaMunch: Mumbai’s traditional culinary heritage is best served in its noisy maze-like lanes. #MohallaMunch is a culture-filled experience where we take you food sampling in the Bohri Mohalla area where Bohri Muslims have perfected their culinary skills over centuries. We hop between 12 to 15 food stalls while discovering unique stories and flavors. We strive to serve you food that is not available anywhere else in the world and bundle it with stories you would never even have dreamt about. This tour is for meat-lovers, with very few options for vegetarians.
    (Recommended Timing: 6-8pm)

Sailing Tours

The primary reason why Mumbai developed into a megapolis is because it made for a great trading port due to its excellent natural harbour. For thousands of years, Mumbai has been connected to the world through these ports and the empires of today have relied on them. which till recently, were the face of the city. Sail with us along the eastern bay of Mumbai where the original settlers once sailed, and discover the stories that lie behind the city’s skyline.

  • #MumbaiHarbour: Khaki Tours is happy to showcase a sailor’s view of the city’s shore and skyline, its history, heritage and a lot more. You will be taken on a smooth ,delightful two-hour long sail tour in the Arabian Sea while we tell you stories about the not just the 7 islands of Bombay but the smaller ones that exist to this day! We offer the choice of a morning or evening sail.
    (Recommended Timing: 4.30-6.30pm)

Please note that a portion of the profits generated from these tours is channelled to Khaki Heritage Foundation which is engaged in generating awareness, archiving and conservation of Heritage of Mumbai and beyond!

Terms and Conditions

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